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:10 Second Advertising


  • What is the difference between :10s from BruceMedia and :15s and :30s in commercial breaks?
  • Because we work directly with the producers and their representatives, our spots are integrated into the programs and air on all stations that broadcast the shows.
  • We have a :15 and a :30 second commercial. How do we make a :10 from these?
  • Send us your longer form commercial and we'll edit the spot and show you how it will look in various programs as a :10.
  • How much will it cost to edit and convert these :15/:30s to a :10?
  • There is no charge for a sample :10. If you like the sample and want us to make it broadcast quality it may require some minimal additional costs. In most cases the cost is less than $500.
  • We don't have video produced for our product. Can you help us produce a :10?
  • We can provide everything from concept to producing. Proposals and sample spots provided upon request.
  • We are working with an ad agency. What services can Bruce Media provide that they can't?
  • We are specialists in :10s and your agency will benefit from our experience and contacts.
  • We are a regional company. Do :10s make sense for us?
  • f you have distribution in 40% of the country, or just a few major cities, :10s make sense. For the cost of a local :30 in the top 3 markets, we can deliver a :10 on the same show nationwide.
  • How early do we need to commit before we can be on the air?
  • We recommend booking at least 90 days prior to when you want to air.

:10 advertising is the most cost efficient way to advertise on national television. With more than 70 programs available, including the top programs in syndication, Bruce Media can build a media plan to reach any demographic. We specialize in big-time television advertising on limited budgets.